Sara Dare

Sara Dare was born (1980) in Devon and relocated to Brighton in 1999. She now lives in coastal Sussex and works throughout the South East and London.

Dare graduated in Fine Art Painting at The University of Brighton in 2008. In 2010 she furthered her enquiry into the Arts and Education through a postgraduate certificate in education and subsequently focused on absorbing these methodologies into her approaches as an artist and collaborator.

Dare is an abstract painter and installation artist. Primarily working on large canvases, she is also concerned with the environment surrounding the works and the conversations between them. The scale of the work and alternative curation and presentation is an important feature in Dare’s practice. She is drawn to run-down architecture and industrial locations that may be considered grey, bleak or unsuitable for this purpose. In an age where an audience is more likely to view a painting on a digital platform than within a gallery space, there is an increase in cross-over between visual art and interior design. The intention being that a challenging back drop will insist that the painting works harder to engage with its viewer, whilst also finding its own relevance in terms of scale, colour and physicality.

Through the use of organic bold shapes and colour in her painting Dare seeks to convey an initial playful light-heartedness followed by a sense of unease or tension.

Sara Dare was recently awarded a solo show at Rye Creative Centre whilst featuring at The Winter Salon Exhibition. Her paintings ‘In-between’ and ‘Peaked’ were selected for this prize by painter and curator Paula MaCarthur and Head of Exhibitions at The Jerwood Gallery Victoria Howarth.

Sara Dare has shown her work in group and solo exhibitions throughout the South East and London and has twice been selected to exhibit at The Other Fair with SaatchiArt.