Red Sky at Night

Oil and graphite


Oil and graphite

Trudy Montgomery

Joyful and uplifting, Trudy Montgomery’s abstract paintings portray an active vitality and freedom of spirit. Her tendency towards enormous scale and pure, bold colour is influenced by the light and space of California where she lived for 14 years. She draws inspiration from her travels, both inner and outer and sees her work as spiritual landscapes. Working from a meditative state of action, she uses the possibilities of paint to convey in the abstract what is so often inexpressible via words.  

Trudy was born in Bristol, England in 1970 and has studied in the UK, France and the USA. Following a degree in political science, she worked in technology companies in Silicon Valley during the dotcom era. Embracing her passion for modern and contemporary art, she deepened her studies of art history and painting on the West Coast. Where she founded Blue Tangerine Art, a boutique art advisory firm in 2005 to help new and experienced collectors source contemporary art. Realising she was looking for a painting she had herself yet to make, Trudy began painting full time in 2009. Her work has since been exhibited in London, Los Angeles and Berlin. She returned to the UK in 2012 and now works from her studio in West Cornwall. 

Trudy's artistic influences include American and British abstract painters including Richard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Georgia O'Keefe, Howard Hodgkins, Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyon and Sandra Blow. She credits her most influential teacher as Robin Child of the Lydgate Art Research Centre in the UK, whose own professor studied under Walter Sickert.