Robbie Porter 

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1985, Robbie Porter showed no special talent for drawing but loved the process and stubbornly practiced, inspired by his friends who were much better than he. Eventually, he made it to the grand old age of 18, having to decide in which direction to go. He chose a foundation course in art and design in Leeds, where he stayed, until 2008, earning a degree in visual communication. Over the next four years, he worked at a printmaking studio and gallery in Edinburgh, where he also lived with his parents, who allowed him to pursue the least lucrative career imaginable: an illustrator! He developed his simple yet recognizable style and earned some wonderful clients, including The New York Times, Random House Publishing, New Scientist magazine, and The National Museums of Scotland. Thereafter, Robbie Porter decided to return to his studies, making the cliched trip to London to study for a master’s of arts degree in illustration at Camberwell, where he completed his first children’s book, The Librarian’s List.

Currently, Robbie Porter is furthering his career as a freelance illustrator and sells his work internationally. He says he’s almost as good as his primary school friends now.