White Blue Orange Enamel, acrylic, woodstain

White Blue Orange

Enamel, acrylic, woodstain

Pink Grey Green

Enamel, acrylic, woodstain

Simon Mathewson

Also known as 3D Cubes

Born 1972. Living and working in Bridport, Dorset. Enamel on driftwood. Using an isometric grid to create tessellating op art colour fields.  Contrast of rigid geometric forms and rough wooden surface. Exploring the transformation of the found object into something decorative. With its worn painted surface the intention is to create a piece with a sense of history but also that it is part of something larger, the patterns continuing on past the broken edges.


2015 Driven to Abstraction, group abstract exhibition, Atom Gallery, London

OutsidersIn, group  Street Art exhibition, Skur 2 Gallery, Stavanger, Norway

2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London