2 Onions


Onion 1

Pencil crayon



Sean Williams


"I was born in 1966 and am based in Sheffield.  Recent group exhibitions include ‘Contemporary British Painting Summer Show’ at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight; ‘Contemporary British Painting’ at Huddersfield Art Gallery; ‘@PaintBritain’ at Ipswich Art School; and ‘Picturing Sheffield’ at the Millennium Galleries. My most recent solo exhibition was ‘This Could Be The Right Place’ at Watford Museum.  I have also been shortlisted for the 2014 John Ruskin Prize, the 2013 & 2015 Neo:Art Prize and the 2010 Marmite Prize for Painting.

My paintings are views of the fringes of suburbia, places that feel as though they are familiar, but then escape our conditioned response.  I aim to place the viewer as ‘still points of a turning world’ - alone, for a while, then possibly watched as they look on.  The scene switches between mundane and suggesting something may be about to happen attempting, in part, to recreate the almost inexplicable psychological weight of della Francesca’s ‘Ideal City’, with a modern twist. 

My painting technique has been described as ‘contemporary pointillism’ and is a deliberate attempt to acknowledge and evoke the spirit and social conscience of Camille Pissaro."