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Primal Scream Roadie

Ice Cream Couple

Accompanying story taken from his forthcoming book SPARKS which will be published by Unbound later this year. 

He thinks:  Hang on a sec, this isn't pistachio. I ordered pistachio. 
She thinks:  He still hasn't noticed I've got his flavour by mistake. 
He thinks:  I think this is hazelnut. I don't really like hazlenut. 
She thinks:  Even if he does notice he won't say anything. He never does. 
He thinks:  Maybe I should go and complain? 
She thinks:  Like that time on the ferry from Zeebrugge when they tried to put us in to a third    class cabin with mouse droppings on the bed like morse-code and we'd paid for    second class. He would rather have said nothing and avoided a scene than stand up   for himself. I had to sort it out in the end. I always do.
He thinks: Problem is I've eaten most of it now, it's probably too late. 
She thinks: If only you could pick a husband like you can choose an ice-cream....
He thinks:  It looks a little bit like the Statue Of Liberty. A tiny ice-cream torch.
She thinks:  So you knew precisely what you were getting in advance.  
He thinks: Maybe I could get Magda to stand holding it aloft in her right hand and I could take   a picture? It would be funny. One for the album. 
She thinks:  I thought he was going to be exciting. He was exciting a long time ago, for about two   months and then that was it.
He thinks: She wouldn't do it though. She hates me taking her photo now, says I make    her look old and ugly but that's not what I see.
She thinks: Now all he does is take stupid photographs and wear those ridiculous sunglasses,   like he's still a teenager.
He thinks: She never used to mind... 
She thinks:  And don't get me started on those shorts....
He thinks:  I definitely ordered pistachio.

Stephen Leslie

‘Sir Leslie Stephen was a famous Victorian journalist, mountaineer and the father of Virginia Woolf. My name is Stephen Leslie and I am none of these things, although I do occasionally get misdirected mail for the great man. I am a film director, screenwriter and photographer from London.

About 20 years ago I started to take photographs with a small point and shoot camera. What began as a simple way to keep visually alert in between directing jobs soon morphed in to a daily diary of images and eventually became an obsession I've been struggling to contain ever since. Now I can't physically leave the house without at least one camera and have a vast back catalog of photographs. My website is an attempt to bring some order to that back catalog.’