Robin Maddock 


I'm best known for my personal approach to documentary photography, looking at different places and the states of mind of people that inhabit them.

My first two photography books were about aspects of England. Published in 2009;  ‘Our kids Are Going to Hell’ is a portrait of the social interactions of youth and the police in Hackney, London. This work was nominated for the Deutsche Börse photography prize and was runner up at Photo Espania’s ‘Descubrimientos’ portfolio prize. Also that year he was selected to make the prestigious Victoria and Albert museum annual review which was a 6 month commission.

My second title, ‘God Forgotten Face’ in 2011 continued his work on aspects of everyday English society in theSouth Western town of Plymouth.This work was selected by Martin Parr as his choice in the Smithsonian magazine’s edition “The new stars of photography” in February 2012.

Both titles are also published by Trolley Books and are included in the ‘The Photobook, A History: Volume 3’,edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger.

More recently 2014 has seen my third book entitled ‘III’ published. It is a more playful black and white look at the streets of America. It has been featured in the New York Times 6th floor blog, Time Magazine Lightbox and the Financial Times amongst others. 'III' was short listed at PHESP as one of the books of 2014. It was also selected byJason Fulford for Time Magazine online, as his pick of the year.

OtherRecent shows in the past years include Copenhagen City Museum, Photodocs in Munich, 'Sine ur Eye' at T.J Boulting, London, the Forum für Fotografie in Cologne, Maco art fair in Mexico, the UNSEEN contemporary photo fair with the Robert Morat gallery. 

I'm working on a series of pictures in Nigeria as well as working to publish and exhibit the archive of photography at the National Museum.  An exhibition was held at Lagos-photo 2015 with Benedicte Kurzen. an accompanying book will follow in 2017..

I have am continuing with my long term project in England looking at small towns and the countryside. It is more portrait based than previous works here and attempts to deal with the problem of the picturesque landscape. i aim to finish in 2017

I have a BA in Archaeology as well as an MA in photography from Westminster University, i'm still trying to find a way to use Archaeology in my work.