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Paddy Summerfield 

Oxford-based photographer, Paddy Summerfield, trained at Guildford School of Art in the Photography and the Film departments. Pictures he took in 1967, when he was still a first year student, were later published in Album, and spreads in Creative Camera received encouraging recognition of his expressive and psychological approach. He has spent a life-time making personal photographic documents, and teaching and running work-shops, as well as undertaking commissions. He started exhibiting in London in the late sixties, and his work has been shown since in other London galleries, including the ICA Gallery, The Barbican, The Serpentine Gallery, and The Photographers' Gallery. In 1976, Sir Nicholas Serota (when he was director of the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford) invited Summerfield to exhibit Beneath The Dreaming Spires, his first one-man show. Several Arts Council awards assisted his career.


His books include:

Mother And Father (2014 Dewi Lewis Publishing)

The Oxford Pictures 1968-1978 (2016 Dewi Lewis Publishing)

Empty Days (2017 Dewi Lewis Publishing -due November)

Weekend Away (2016 Cafe Royal Books)

Remember Hope 2017 PHOTOPAPER Kassel

Examples of his work are held by by the Arts Council of Great Britain, and the V & A Museum, as well as numerous private collections.