Nieves Mingueza

Nieves Mingueza is a Spanish visual artist based in London, focusing  on analogue photography, collage, mixed media and other experimental processes.  

Nieves works with vintage and lo-fi cameras, antique papers and books, charcoals and minimal texts.

Her inspirations include avant-garde experimental cinema, the surrealist movement and minimal-progressive music.

Nieves’ work has been exhibited in various international shows, including Retina Scottish International Photography Festival (Edinburgh, UK, July 2017)- Royal Academy of Arts ( Summer Exhibition 2016 London, UK)- PhotoEspaña 2016 (Madrid, Spain)- Royal College of Art (London, UK, December 2015)- Les Rencontres Parisiennes de la Photographie Contemporaine, ( Paris , France, 2015) - Revela-T Analog Photography Festival (Barcelona, Spain, June 2015)- Brick Lane Gallery ( London, UK, 2015)- Tate Britain ( London, UK, 2014)- Nave Gallery ( MA, USA, 2014) - MadPhoto Gallery ( Madrid, Spain, 2014)- (La(b) Gallerie Artyfact (Paris, France, 2014) and many others. In February 2015, two of her works were selected for display in the Saatchi Gallery, London.  

Publications that have featured her work include Twin Peaks book, Shots Magazine, Square magazine, Witty Kiwi Magazine, Der Greif Magazine, L’oeil de la photographie, VOGUE IT, Eyemazing Susan Annual Pictorial, Sarmad Magazine Book One...  The highly influential photography website Lens Culture also recently featured a selection of her work.