Luke Evans represented Wren Artists

Luke Evans is not the type of artist to make an image through traditional means. In place of cameras, pens, or paper, Evans has created fascinating work by digesting pieces of film.

Having graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Design and Photography, Evans, now London-based, creates series of works that turn the ordinary into the unforgettable, using a mixture of common materials.

His projects have been recognised across many publications and London galleries. Forge was selected for an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, and winning Channel 4 New Sensations in 2014.


Wren Artists is driven by creativity and productivity. Founded by Jennifer Turner, Wren Artists is a London based visual artists agency - managing photographers and productions in both the still & moving image disciplines. The agency is built with space to celebrate each artist’s individual aesthetic, and houses an exciting group of image-makers who create outstanding work of the highest quality.

In a creative world full of photographic artists, our aim is to differentiate and illuminate each of our photographers’