David Hoffman - Cheshire St 

David Hoffman - One Man Band 

David Hoffman - Pensioners Lunch Club 

David Hoffman - Pensioners Lunch Club 

David Hoffman

'Motivated by documenting what’s become increasingly overt state constraint on our lives, I’ve spent some 40 years documenting a range of social issues from policing and racial and social conflict to homelessness drugs, poverty and exclusion. Protest, and the violence that sometimes accompanies it, is the theme that stitches my work together.

Editorial photography is an increasingly beleaguered profession. The erosion of press freedom, ever more intrusive policing and the undermining of copyright have created a perfect storm of obstacles. As a founding member of EPUK and Photo-Forum London, I’m now working on a very different front line. Engaging with regulatory bodies, collecting societies, the NUJ, the British Photographic Council and other UK photographic organisations as well as with commercial services protecting copyright is the best way I can see to achieve a supportive ecology for professional photography and build a sustainable future for editorial photography.'