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Catherine Cameron 

(1962 Oslo, Norway)

Lives and works in Glasgow. Prior to BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography from GSA (2013) her work has been exhibited in North - and South America, Asia and Europe. Her art is included in museum and private collections, The Walter Scott Art Collection, UK, The Museum of Fine Art Houston, USA, Shanghai Sculpture Space, China, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri, Verona, Italy, Stord Municipality, Norway, Chris Rauschenberg Collection, USA and Joan Morgenstern Collection, USA.

Her work from GSA Degree show was shortlisted and selected for the Saatchi New Sensations exhibition in London during the Frieze Art Fair in 2013. She received High Commendation at the Jill Todd Award 2013, was shortlisted and selected for FutureProof, Glasgow, 2013, selected for Artsyland 7 2013, Montrose and received The Royal Glasgow Institute's Exhibition Award 2013. She was nominated by GSA as one of five alumi for ReGeneration3 – Tomorrows Photographers Today 2015. 1st prize Still Life contest at The Inanimate Subject, Minneapolis Photo Center, Minnesota, USA.

Artist Statement

I am interested in psychological matters that form and shape us as human beings.

In my work I explore the cyclical nature of repetitive thoughts and behaviour, the actions we repeat regardless of the results. I am interested in the role that hope holds in our lives, from its lifesaving capabilities to its detrimental aspects, when hope prevents us from making necessary changes, moving on. The playwright Henrik Ibsen described this as the Life-Lie, a state of denial, the life-lie becomes a detrimental zone of comfort, a space inhabited by emotions like longing, melancholia and loneliness.

To explore this visually I create staged, analogue photographs. I work with natural light and print the work in my darkroom. The staging is repetitious both in materials and settings. I deconstruct and reconstruct the same forms and shapes over and over again.

This way of approaching my work mirrors the repetitious nature of the subject matter.

My work is autobiographically based, however the work is not narrative. My objective is that the visual aesthetics through its layers and details invite the viewer to introspective reflection and contemplation. The poetic titles seek to link the multilayered and sometimes abstract visuals to the complex, concealed and layered motifs that denote cultures of denial.