People at EastBourne

Pen and ink with watercolour

Two flies on Cow Parsley

Pen and ink with watercolour


Pen and ink with watercolour

Untitled Mixed media


Mixed media

Nick Bridson Baker

Nick has worked as a freelance cartoonist and humorous illustrator for over forty years.

He now draws fewer cartoons and produces drawings, paintings and monotype prints.

His work falls into these categories:

On-the-spot drawings: of places, people and events. London and UK, some Europe. Nicaragua 1988; Hong Kong 1996; Orissa, India 2001-2. Published in The Oldie and national newspapers. Nick has a large ‘on-the-spot’ archive, drawn for publication.

Drawings: from memory and imagination.

Paintings: also from memory, imagination and from drawings.

Monotype prints: one-off prints in colour and black and white.

Cartoon drawings: published in Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator, The Oldie, The Financial Times and national press and magazines.

Poetry: He has been writing poetry for over twenty years and has been published in various poetry magazines.