The Ball Fell

Paper cut out 

The Ball

Cut out paper

3 Colours

Cut out paper

Kidd Feather

Christophe Cachelin (Kidd Feather) was born in Berne, Switzerland. He has spent the last years in Montreal, France and now London. During the last couple of years, the self-taught artist has experimented with a lot of different media and techniques. From felt tip penned animal universes, he went on to create radiant sculptures, simplistic nudes, ceramic masks and most recently cut outs. In all of these different outputs, one factor is uniting – Christophe’s use of colour. He has had several group and solo exhibitions in London and has exhibited at the Yami Ichi Market in Tate Modern in May 2016. His biggest influences are Henri Matisse and Niki de Saint Phalle.