Ink Nouveau, 2016

Spray, acrylic, liquid leaf

Ink Novvean, 2016

Spray, acrylic, uQuid Leaf


Inkie is one of the most notorious and prolific graffiti writers in UK history to emerge out of the 80’s Bristol scene. Painting alongside 3D, Nick Walker and Banksy, in 1989 the ‘Kingpin’ was arrested as the head of 72 other writers in the UK’s largest ever Graffiti bust, Operation Anderson. He now curates and helps to organise Europes largest Street Art event ‘See No Evil’ which attracted over 50,000 last August. Inkie has since worked as head of design for SEGA, Xbox and currently works as Jade Jagger’s in-house designer as well as running a West London design studio creating prints, illustrations and clothing. The globally respected artist, whose diverse inspirations include Mayan architecture, William Morris, Mouse & Kelly, Alphons Mucha and Islamic geometry has exhibited worldwide, been outed as Banksy’s right hand man by The Daily Mail and simultaneously lauded by The Times. His art has been published in the books Banksy’s Bristol, Children of the Can, Graffiti World, Street Fonts and magazines GQ and Dazed & Confused. More recently, Inkie has been nominated as one of Time Out and The Hospital Club’s most influential 100 people in their h.Club 100 poll for 2012. He’s also a member of the Courvoisier future 500.