Stephen Anthony Davids

Artist Statement

"I paint. I draw. I collect things and I work with people. I was raised in the far East End of London. I have a strong interest in design, architecture, folk art, painting, calligraphy, music, objects, high and low brow culture.

My work is a visual diary of my world, and my experiences within it. The approach to my work is simple. It all starts with a scribble that evolves into a mature graphic line. Diverse in subject matter, medium and materials, my output encompasses cartoon-like doodling and sketches; more complex drawings and paintings on paper, canvas; reliefs and sculpture. Found objects and assorted pieces of wood are transformed into highly wrought works which never attempt to conceal their origin but evolve organically into art works through a determined intervention of line and colour which complement the heritage of the object.

My influences are varied and are found in the abandoned, the ephemeral, and the strange: objects, toys, packaging design, and black memorabilia I collect. A strong folk art aesthetic jostles with a strong modern urban narrative to bring the old bang up to date and fused with the contemporary. For all the richness of technique on show, there is yet an economy of means which I describe as “…the art of knowing when to stop”."