Static is the creative output of Tom & Craig who have been working together since 2006.

Having met at art college, they began to share ideas and inspirations and then went on to complete BA degrees in Edinburgh and Liverpool. Initially returning to the North East of England to set-up their first studio, STATIC are now based in East London, where they continue to produce original work and screen printed editions in house and by hand.

Their work combines elements of street art and fine art, merging a clean graphic style with stencils, spray paint, screen printing and paint brushes, to create unique pieces which have been exhibited on the streets of London as well as a number of international gallery spaces.

2010 saw their first solo exhibitions in the UK with ArtRepublic London and in Japan with Gallery Kawamatsu, Tokyo - which included work from their ‘Luxury Vandals’ series, ‘Fight for the Right works, as well as their ‘Glass Caskets’ and ‘Spectrum’ pieces that mixed stencils and screen printing on reclaimed wood and layered glass.

Their ‘Moments of Clarity’ & ‘Layers of Seperation’ works were the focus of their second London solo show held at Whisper Gallery in 2012 and were also exhibited in Singapore, Milan, Cyprus, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka.

Tom & Craig returned to Japan in 2012 for their second solo show with Gallery Kawamatsu, this time also visiting Osaka and Hiroshima where they completed a number of commissions and 'live' paint performances in conjunction with solo shows at Ken Hamazaki’s ‘Red Museum’ and The Oriental Hotel gallery space, respectively. is the primary source for news and releases from the duo, but their work can also be found in galleries across the UK, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and Australia.