Orson Kartt

Orson Kartt,  creates art which you don't need a degree in art history to understand and enjoy., nor a huge bank balance to purchase.  

Kartt's work is  humorous and poetic, it has been described as a blend of Banksy and  Terry Gilliams and while these, among others, are  influences, his work produces  fresh original ideas.

Kartt uses mixed media, often incorporating text from books to create a world where lightheartedness rules and rules are broken and thats more than ok.  

He has been selected for inclusion in the 37th edition of Who’s who in Art. 


Artist Statement

They say that in ancient times, in a time before time existed, things were better. 

They say a lot they do.

But forgetting the spin of politics, avoiding the din of advertising, beyond the marketing myth, in reality ours is a time of pragmatic fumbling.   Writhing and wriggling, ducking and diving.

 Some call this chaos but in this place, in the spaces between the things taken as facts, despite the half baked notions sold as full course menus , wisdom can still be found. Between the undrawn lines , amongst the twists and turns, and the swirl of everyday compromise lies a very real and often hidden beauty.

 Sometimes itsa subtle understatement, an understanding, a mixture of everything and nothing, a confusing joy, a curiosity, a wonder awaiting discovery.   A silent smile that says, "ah".