Mr Smith

Artist Statement

"I’m a London based artist. I draw using micropens, taking inspiration from my surroundings. As I live in London, there is not a great deal of what people often define as ‘nature’ or ‘natural’. That is, compared to the countryside. Trees are regimented down a pavement in neat lines, or in parks. Window boxes are arranged to bloom flowers or useful herbs. ‘Nature’, can almost be seen as something that is kept by us in the city. Indeed, parks are kept and protected against building development. I would not, for a moment, suggest parks as being a bad thing. But, I find myself drawn to scenes where something may have grown, which was not planned at all. The contrast between man made London, that has been designed -whether by an architect, city planner, engineer, graphic designer, advertiser etc. all of whom have had they designs informed by a particular style or philosophy- and raw nature, which will always find a way of growing and doing its own thing, in, around and on top of the things we create, regardless of how straight, tidy, and pristine we may wish to keep things.." 

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