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Greg Harris

Greg Harris (b.1984) is a portrait, figurative and landscape painter currently residing in Bristol.  He exhibits across the country and shows through galleries in London and Sevenoaks.  He regularly shows with The Other Art Fair in London and Bristol, and he’s been pre-selected twice for the BP Portrait Award and once for the SELF prize.  Greg has also appeared on SkyArts Landscape Artist of the Year as well as BBC Radio Bristol.

Aside from exhibiting his work, Greg tutors workshops and performs paintings demonstrations all over the UK.  He also accepts commissions from individuals and organisations alike.

Greg has been featured in the FreshPaintMagazine twice, the After Nyne magazine, the New Artist magazine, as well as Bristol 24/7 and The Other Art Fair’s blog.


"In my paintings, I want you to reconnect with the familiar by bringing together both a literal and non-literal interpretation of the people and environment around you.  Strokes and smears start off large before I feel forced to reduce to smaller tools, maintaining and displaying some (if not all) of the marks used to create a piece.

My source material comes from photos I take at sittings or places I’ve travelled to.  The painting takes place in the studio alone where I recall a sense of an individual or location, and decide the colour scheme that befits the quality I’m trying to extract and communicate to the viewer.  Once I begin, I adapt the palette and trust my instincts to constantly reassess the work as it gains body

An energetic and lively portrayal is achieved through this careful consideration of colours and a painterly style that doesn’t condemn what’s being depicted.  Rather, through the execution and minimised mark-making, my paintings are brought to life with a clean and freshly finished feel."