Chris F Clark

b 1972,  Northumberland, UK

Based in Whitstable, Kent, multi-disciplined artist Chris F Clark uses her art practice largely as a canvas for self expressive gestures.  Self-taught and self-disciplined, working mainly within the realms of collage and painting, Chris produces powerful, playful, and often ambiguous works that open up much in the way of visual intrigue to the curious mind of the viewer.

Her work offers exploration and insight - into personal progress, identity, belief systems & ethics, self-realisation and investigation of spiritual practice and how these experiences mould together and intertwine in our everyday lives, leading to change, growth and inner development.  

Recent works embrace and alternate between the abstract - with energetic, bold colour brushstrokes and marks; and the neo-expressive - the repetitive use of a ghostlike, unidentifiable figure with a now signature-style snippet of appropriated text collaged into the piece or words scrawled with oil stick. These paintings often suggest fragility and the unspoken challenges of complex human interactions and relationships, played out through spontaneous application of paint to surface.

Chris’ work invites us to take what we need to from each piece, and to embrace whatever it is we took.