Anka Dabrowski

Artist statement

"I am interested in how the public intersect with the urban landscape. My installations, sculptures, photographs and drawings are embedded in urban contexts, intertwined with memory and geographically constructed identities. 

My drawings explore the territories both real and imagined. Using a complex interplay of aesthetic and thematic contradictions, I create drawings, sculptures, photographs and installations that are at once delicate and personal yet detached, fragmented and uncanny. By mapping the city, I collect the hidden traces of public and private histories through which we make the city our own. The drawings playfully reinterpret bleak urban and rural landscapes in the intricate style that I have become known for. My drawings of the tenement blocks, shop fronts, and more recently flowers and insects, are set drift against the disquieting blankness of an empty page. In some works I use the irreverent pattern of street graffiti and that of the domestic interiors (wallpaper pattern) to contrast with the fragile precision of my drawn lines, suggesting fragmented stories from the city. My sculptures and photographs are extensions of my drawings. They mutate and transform in a colourful display of architectural alchemy. Built from the disregarded wreckage of everyday life, I combine cardboard, wood, garish plastics and concrete alongside documentary snapshots and bright sprayed graffiti. Although my work is intensely private and semi-autobiographical, it moves beyond personal circumstances to address the common drift through our shared environment."