Ink and watercolour


Ink and watercolour

Mit Senoj

Artist Statement

My practice is concerned with our physiological self and the psychological response to our inner science. The distortion of the natural law of forms, into the unimaginable’. 


To make his signature figurative paintings, Mit Senoj first uses a nib to apply India ink directly to Xerox paper without the aid of preparatory sketches. He then applies watercolor pigment, and—to deepen the colors—briefly adds and removes a layer of shellac. These paintings, as well as Sinoj’s etchings, feature rich, erotically charged images of flora and women’s bodies. According to the artist, in his work, 'human physiology is reconstituted into something more vulnerable and less belligerent, giving equality to all living things.'

Welsh, b. 1961, based in United Kingdom

Bio source: https://www.artsy.net/artist/mit-senoj