Victoria (the artist's daughter) in 1966 aged 4


Detail of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earing. Mauritshuis, The Hague. Original 46.5x40cms


Detail of Picasso's 'Self Portrait with Cloak'. Paris late 1901. Original 81x60cms. Musée Picasso. Paris.


Detail of Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Helene Klimt. 1898 Original 60x40cm. Privately owned


Mark Peppé

Mark Peppe Autobiography February 2016

1934 born with twin brother Rodney Peppé

1935 to India, the family estates bordering Nepal.

1957-60 The Slade studying painting and etching.

1958 Marry Tereska Lisiewicz, Polish, in England since 1942. In 1939, at a year old, she and her mother were deported to a Russian labour camp. In 1942, released, they also dodge U-boats to get to Scotland.

1960 leave the Slade early in my last year to work for Cosmopolitan Artists, Kings Road, Chelsea drawing visuals for photo stories – an Italian idea. Photo stories fail and the studio is reduced to the boss, Enzo Plazzotta [later a successful sculptor of ballet dancers, trained pre-war in Milan] and me. We do a strip together under the name of Giusti – with a lot of help from Rip Kirby strip books and a Grant projector. I do the pencils, he inks in. Cosmopolitan Artists were also agents for Italian artists. In addition to pencilling I flog around publishers and advertising agents as a very bad agent.

Winter of 1961. Plazzotta and I playing tennis, he slips and injures his back meaning the end of the partnership. I set out as a freelance illustrator and find that all my years of art schools and life drawing are a very feeble preparation for professional illustration.

1962. First child born, Victoria. I start working through years of strips for various publishers, then move to general illustration – mostly educational and historical.

1963 Son Luke born.

1967 Daughter Gemma born. I exhibit a family portrait plus cat in the Royal Academy.

1971 Son Daniel born.

1975 – 81 Teaching illustration, life drawing and design at Eastbourne Art School together with freelancing.

1982 Return to just freelancing.

November 1999 my 1208th and last illustration job. Since then, mostly painting.