RAMA (after F. Botero)

NONTHOK (after A. Warhol)

Mickey Mouse - Dali

SITA (after F. Botero)

Jirapat Tatsanasomboon

Jirapat Tatsanasomboon was born in 1971 in Samut Prakarn and completed his Master’s Degree at Silapakorn University in 1999. Jirapat is one of Thailand’s leading contemporary artists, his work explores the interactions between Thai and Western cultures. In the modern age of communication, the intersection of Eastern and Western traditions had inevitably resulted in a fusion of cultural practices. Jirapat has made it his artistic mission to deconstruct this cultural synthesis. His paintings make reference to Eastern mythical figures from the Ramayana epic, but these are contrasted by his clever inclusion of popular Western heroes like Superman, Spiderman, etc. and pop culture objects like Warhol, Koons,  Mondrian, Lichtenstien, etc. along with the older classical artists such as Michelangelo. Drawing aesthetic parallels with the elegance of Thai mural paintings, Jirapat deviates from tradition with a bold commentary interjecting the history of mythological and religious iconography with a politics of modern day consumerism, technology or simple pastiche. Jirapat has participated in several art shows in Thailand, Korea (2003), USA (NYC 2006), Singapore (2008), China (Olympics 2008), India (2009), Monaco (2010) and Argentina (2010) alongside regularly selling his work at international auctions. Jirapat’s paintings were also on display at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore in 2012 in the exhibition Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal. Jirapat is the only Thai artist who is featured in the new Thames and Hudon book: 100 Painters of Tomorrow.