Oil on plywood


Oil on plywood

Henrietta Paine

Henrietta Paine born Bath 1967.

Studied Fine Art Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art 1988-1990 left to have first child. Currently living on the edge of South Dartmoor.

At this point in my life simplicity seems to be very nourishing, hence why I choose quite straightforward subject matter. This varies from the symbolic object to what's right in front of me...which can be interpreted as symbolic if so choosing. The landscapes of Scotland and Devon are done purely as a celebration of and a connection with the land and nature. Having studied Hua Qigong for many years I look for a fluidity and energy within the landscape and my mark making, as I endeavour to encapsulate the essence and mood of the place along with the sense of expansion and freedom. 

The still life I do is possibly the opposite of the landscapes, focusing in on detail, playing with words, creating a mood. I love doing both and one feeds the other the yin and yang....and when I occasionally am lucky enough to get friends or family to sit for me I love to paint them. It is probably the emotion I pick up on the most from them in my work.