Geoffrey Dunbar

Geoff Dunbar's interest in animated films began at an early age, always fascinated by the work of the Walt Disney Studios he studied the early cinematic processes avidly. Leaving school at the age of 15 and working in a series of jobs, saving enough money to purchase an 8-mm movie camera and teaching himself the rudiments of moving drawings, on the strength of these early attempts Geoff secured himself a trainee position at the renowned "Film Producers Guild" in London England where he honed his skills not only as an Animator but as a Designer and Director.

Geoff Dunbar debut film was based on the sketches of "Toulouse Lautree" and was recognised with a "Palm D'or" at the Cannes film festival 1975.

Geoff then set up his own production studio in the newly converted creative quarter of the Covent Garden flower market also in London.

It was in this environment that the much acclaimed "UBU" was made a 20 minute interpretation of "Alfred Jarrys's" anarchic "Grande Guignol" Geoff used a vibrant staccato style of animation to convey the avande garde play and a brilliant guttural sound track created by Terry Brown with music by Laurie Scott-Baker.