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Dougie Wallace

East London-based photographer Dougie Wallace grew up in Glasgow hence his moniker, 'Glasweegee'. Internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct direct style of expressive street photography, his work has extensively been featured in international publications including the New York Times and Germany’s Stern Magazine. His books 'Stags, Hens and Bunnies, A Blackpool Story'  (Dewi Lewis Media, 2014) and 'Shoreditch Wild Life' (Hoxton Mini Press, 2014) received much critical acclaim and viral buzz. 'Road Wallah', a unique insight into Bombay’s cab drivers,  published February 2016 (Dewi Lewis Publishing). Dougie is represented by INSTITUTE artist management company. (Road Wallah.  Short-listed for the '2015 European book publisher’s award'.)

"Living in Shoreditch has helped me develop an eye for the hilarious, messy side of human, uninhibited behaviour. At the same time my Glasgow upbringing has shaped the various facets of my style which has been described as 'visually exaggerated' and 'hard edged'.
What motivates my pictures is human behaviour. People’s interactions and emotions fascinate me. My stories are thematic; they have similarities of expressions running through them. My work is informed by today’s growing culture of commercialisation, the effect this has on our leisure time, global tourism and the inescapable consequences of corporate and brand domination that have ensued. Translating this into social wit, criticism and humorous vignettes through my lens is what stimulates me. I’d like to think that my photos convey a personalised point of view that is both believable and absurd".