Approach I

Mixed media collage on card

Approach IV

Mixed media collage on card

Chowwai Cheung

Chowwai Cheung graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1992 with a 1st class BA(HONS) degree in Textiles/Fashion specialising in Printed Textiles.

Chowwai’s more recent work is a series of collagraph prints of landscapes and geometrics. A conscious juxtaposition of pattern and shapes within her images are informed by the myriad of complex marks made by man and weather. They evolve from remembered glimpses of fleeting moments from rural surroundings; capturing movement, structures of buildings, rocks, bridges and in between spaces. 

Chowwai’s current practice is Collagraph Printmaking technique; she like its accessibility and room for diversity. Chowwai construct her printing plates like creating a collage, by cutting patterns and building layers of textures. Like a painting the procedure of inking up in intaglio process is a lengthy one but the end result is spontaneous and intuitive.