Tempera pen

Rain For Matisse

Stickers an tempera collage


Pen (ball)

Brad Downey

Telepathic record.

Both of them said in unison. “I was thinking the exact same thing. “,,,, “punch bug”…. Followed by silence.

I had a dream where I was visited by a race of telepathics who had outlawed negative thoughts. I was charged with releasing an angry thought into the society and condemned to a dangerous neurological procedure.

A German friend of mine explained to me that when at a young age he first heard the Bob Marley song “Were Jammin”, he thought bob was singing “Were German””……GERMAN and We hope you like German too. “My German friend was touched with Bob's gesture of good faith towards the Germans.

During the installation period I received a phone call from Phillip. He had been thinking about Mohamed Ali fighting me all day and didn’t know why. Ali and me were both born in Louisville Kentucky. 

Target practice … son of a gun. 

Brad is Brad