Can't Take My Eyes Off You

House paint on board

Boo Mitford

Boo Mitford (b. 1960, UK) is a painter whose practice focuses on exploring the potential and behaviour of colour through movement. Educated at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, Mitford worked as a graphic designer for some of London’s most prestigious agencies. Painting, however, remained central to her work as a graphic designer and she returned to painting full time in 2004.

Chaos Contained was a solo exhibition in London of paintings by Boo Mitford in 2015. The exhibition showcased the artist’s investigation into the tumultuous nature of paint and the personality of colour over the period 2005 - 2015. The exhibition included both her small scale series, as well as her more recent exploration into monumental canvases over two metres squared.

Guided by a series of strict self-imposed rules, Mitford’s paintings are reinforced by consistency and method in an attempt to control chaos. The artist explains: ‘Paint has every inclination to be unpredictable - it’s a bit of a wild child. Through fine adjustments of volume, situation and strength, I can create a vivid painting of oscillating colour. It is the nature of paint to want to escape. Sometimes colours combine harmoniously, sometimes they fight like hell. The capricious nature of paint is what fascinates me, and what I strive to explore through my work.’

 The resulting paintings offer not only a chronicle of Mitford’s meticulous study into the behaviour and personality of colour, but a window into the mind of the artist and the dynamic between chaos and control.