Pink Flamingo by Rupert Newman

We are delighted to have a card by Rupert Newman as part of our Summer Postcard Lottery with CultureLabel. British-born artist Rupert Newman transforms spaces into visual spectacles that leave audiences in awe. From unforgettable wedding shows, personalised private parties and PR stunts his projections are taylor made and often synchronised with music, bringing events to life through meaningful experiences.

During his time at The Royal College of Art (Printed Textiles 2010), Newman transformed series of wall hangings by projecting light effects onto them. He soon realised that this technique (projection mapping) could work with any object, art or architecture to alter its appearance.

Newman plays with the abstraction of space, colour and light to form composition in his shows. Relying on colour and motion to create illusion, Newman intelligently applies innovative technology and mapping techniques to transpose his vision onto buildings.

Clients have included: Yahoo, Pinewood, Blackstone, The Prime Minister, Dom Perignon, Warner Music (The Brits After Party 14, 15), RSA, The London Business School, University of Cambridge, Newcastle University, Hix

As well as light, Newman’s prints, paintings and fabric designs are sold to buyers and collectors worldwide. Fashion houses include Armani, Diane Von Furstenburg, Rebecca Taylor, J. Crew, Custo, GAP

Newman’s work has been published in Martin Drawber’s New Fashion Print (Batsford, 2008), Simon Clarke’s Textile Design Portfolio (Laurence King 2012) and Sarah Braddock’s Digital Vision (Thames & Hudson, 2012). In August 2014, Newman was selected to be on the judging panel of the prestigious Texprint award.

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