Art on a Postcard at Moniker Art Fair 2016

We had a fantastic first Moniker Art Fair last year and we we have already reserved our stand for this years Moniker which is 6-9 October at The Truman Building. We ran a postcard lottery for the fair meaning that you bought a lottery ticket but you didn't know which card you would get. We completely sold out and actually had to stagger sales because they cards were in such high demand and we wanted to give everyone who came to the Fair over the 4 days it was on a chance. 

Here are some the artists who have already agreed to do Moniker this year.

Brad Downey Richard Levine Marcus Davies  Otto Sharde Keith Haynes Stinkfish Hush
Phil Shaw (MARCA) Robert James Clarke Karen Thomas Eltono Jack Teagle  Lulu Kitololo
Olf de Bruin Remi Rough The Krah Louise McNaught Janet Milner Dan Kitchener (DANK) Simon Mathewson Emma Russell Delphine Lebourgeois Anka Dabrowska Pam Glew Joakim Allgulander
EMIC  Joe Webb Carrie Reichardt Mr Smith Frea Buckler Eelus  Chowwai Cheung
Magnus Gjoern  Thomas Dowdswell Greg Harris Russell Marshall

Carrie Reichdardt's peice for from last year