Fetishes and Masks with Teresa Duck

Shadow Puppet - Oil and Acrylic 

Shadow Puppet - Oil and Acrylic 

Influenced by  60’s pop art the work of Teresa Duck is a playful exploration of hyperphysical human concepts and the physical environment in which our bodies occupy space. She has created a unique piece for Moniker Art Fair that draws on childhood nostalgia and is a great representation of her renowned aesthetic style and use of vibrancy. Throughout her work,  Teresa has recent work focuses on fetishes especially masks and their myriad of meaning. 

'Masks come with their own rich arcane symbolism to build on so they suited my needs well. They are often worn to conceal the wearer, hide their identity, or give them an alternative identity.  So they are in many ways almost an identity in themselves.

In this case a combination of individual and collective identity.  I'm very interested in identity and culture as a whole, although masks nowadays tend to take the form of fashion, products, social media identities and branding to some degree. Anyway it’s this modern identity and its fetishisation I'm interested in, with regards to this series so far.'

We will be offering a chance to win the original through our guaranteed lottery At Moniker Art Fair this October. To see more of the works in the draw click HERE