20 Best of Art on a Postcard 2015 goes to Jealous North

Next week the Best of 2015 goes to Jealous North in Crouch End. The show will be on from 18-29 May. If you didn't catch it the first time now's your chance. The portfolio is worth seeing as a whole. The artists are a very different bunch but they work very well together.

The Portfolio includes work from Anita Klein, Rachel Howard, The Connor Brothers, David Shrigley, Danny O'Connor, Gavin Turk, Chantal Joffe, Mark Peppe, Ray Richardson, Mick Rooney RA, Tyler Spangler, Carl Moore, Vanessa Gardiner, Carol Robertson, Simone Lia, Robert James Clarke, Ceal Warnants, Dougie Wallace, David Shillinglaw and John Wragg RA, whom we've learnt does not usually produce limited editions, making it a very rare print to own.