Confronting Love and Turmoil: Katherine Stewart chats to Amy May George

We normally require that all contributing artists to the Art on a Postcard Secret Auction earn their living by selling art. Last year we made an exception for an extremely talented student, Amy May George who had already had a sell out show and whose postcards stood their ground alongside world renowned artists, making a fair amount of money for The Hepatitis C Trust 

KS How old are you and where/what are you studying at the moment?

AG I'm 18 and currently studying art foundation in Hastings 

KS When did you develop a passion for your chosen field? 

AG Ever since I could pick up a pencil I've been passionate about making art

KS When I first saw your art I identified with it immediately and you actually inspired my own creativity which is such a beautiful gift to give to someone, so thank you!  The piece entitled 'ANXSTY' or the ones that are explicity about confrontation and love really spoke to me because they openly display the emotional turmoil that young girls in their teens to late-20s face. I wanted to ask you, what inspires your creativity and what you believe being creative means?

AG That's amazing I'm so touched that you've said that! Well I suppose I get fired up to make work with text when something is bothering me, or if an experience has left me in a state in which I can only successfully communicate through drawing or painting or such.... being creative could be anything as long as it's honest and has come from within yourself I guess ! I always promote honesty in my work and would never write about anything in a painting unless I felt it at the time.

Don't Txt Back

Don't Txt Back

Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

KS Is there anything specifically you want to voice or change through your work?

AG I'd like to change the way people view young artists. I don't even think the label 'young artists' is necessary at all, we are all artists in our own right and age is merely a number stating how long you've been around!  Doesn't mean a 10 year old has less ground than a 45 year old ! Do ya thing ...

KS What (if anything) holds you back in your art practice?

AG Always space and time etc. I'd love to have a warehouse space that I could roll around in all day but I guess that's just life. 

 KS Where could you see yourself taking your practice/art? 

AG To be honest I'm not too sure just yet. I'm embracing the fact that my artwork doesn't control me as I'm still in education and plan on studying fine art at uni, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see....

Your Loss

Your Loss

True Nude

True Nude

 KS I think most of us know that being creative or ‘a creative’ can be a massive struggle. On those days where you feel empowered and fearless, what drives you the most?

AG I find it so difficult sometimes, i mostly just end up walking away and coming back to something later on if I'm struggling with it. My drive is music a lot of the time. I can play an album on loop and wiggle about when I'm doing something and that generally helps me. 

KS Do you have a cultural hero that you particularly admire? 

AG David Attenborough all the way, totally unrelated but he's just amazing and I've always been inspired by him.

KS From your experience as a budding artist, what advice would you give to a young female who’s trying to make it as an artist?

AG Don't listen to anyone trying to stamp you out, whether you're male or female, because I've been 'shot down' by a few people in terms of getting anywhere with my work and that completely extinguishes the fire in your belly- just make !!

See more of Amy May's work at @itsallsubjective  & @liquidwonderment

About the writer

Katherine is 22 year old writer based in London. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art and is an advocate for anything made or done by women. If she’s not devouring books and drinking cups of strong black coffee in downward facing dog, she’s fighting the patriarchy through interviewing women artists or giving you her heartfelt feminist opinion. She believes that the key to life is to be constantly interested in the women around you, only when we are mesmerised by the existence of each other can we truly unleash our greatest human potential.