Confronting The Unknown

Taking part in this year’s Secret Auction we have an artist whose work is shrouded in obscure darkness while interlaced with subtle injections of colour. We are forced to examine another species not unlike our own, yet who hold an alien quality. In the piece Creature we are flooded with feelings of nurturing mothers and safety of the womb, yet when faced with Thinking Thing and M’Lady and Her Harp it almost creates a sensation of crawling skin. Threatening snake like tongues and surrealism blend in the unknown and as human nature would have it, we consistently fear that which we do not understand. Who are these creatures and what do they want? Or are they simply presentations of a society we no longer recognise.

Over the past ten years this artist’s work has been widely exhibited across Scotland, Ireland, England and the United States. Their practice is heavily process led with the end image open to ongoing development throughout its creation.

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