Chasing the Colours of Summer

As the season ends we are all in need of keeping colour in our lives. This summer we have collaborated with Kent based artist Ian Scaife, who has created this original piece for our Summer Postcard Lottery with Culture Label to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust. 

Scaife creates intricate compositions of flat, hard colour. Striking his way into our hearts and homes, his work is a result of many careful hours working with newspaper, screen printing and a scalpel. A member of the Printmakers Council, his methods are certainly unusual. Instead of using sturdy, plastic or metal stencils, Scaife fashions his own unique tools out of newspaper. A method he describes as drawing into the paper with the scalpel. Due to the fragile nature of his stencils, each one can only survive a limited number of uses. Resulting in a small run of only ten to fifteen editions of each piece.  

These vibrant compositions do not rely on stencils alone, but meticulous drawings and planning prior to its usage. Scaife explores the combination and harmony of colour, analysing the interplay between shape and colour as a whole and its transcendence into our man-made lives.

To win this uniquely created piece, enter the Summer Postcard Lottery HERE or to view more of his work take a look at his website

Get your lottery ticket HERE

Get your lottery ticket HERE