A good manicure will cheer you up all day long...

One of the things we are looking forward to most is getting manicures before everyone arrives at Art Car Boot Fair this coming Sunday (12.06.16). 
Nail trends date back to 5000 BC when Indian women decorated their nails with henna. Babylonian men were known to manicure and colour their nails with black or green kohl. In China in 3,000 BC nail colour indicated social status. ( according to Ming dynasty manuscript). Royal people used to paint their nails with black and red colours.The Romans painted their nails with a mixture of sheep fat and blood. Turkish women created a pink tint for the nails from boiled rose petals.  
Nails grow faster in the summer than in winter and men's nails grow faster than women's so manicures for all we say. Healthy nails mean healthy skin and hair too. 
Nail artist Tabby Casto will be bringing the latest nail plates from Moyou-London which will include some fun hand themes in honour of Art Car Boot Fair.  
Manicures will be £10 on the day 50% will go to The Hepatitis C Trust