It's OK! - We've got a David Shrigley Edition

David Shrigley  and Neil Cowan, one of our parliamentary advisers both support Partick Thistle. David designed Kingsley, their mascot who has been described as Lisa Simpson on meth. We had tried to contact David for Art on Postcard 2014 but either he didn't get the email or we didn't carry the weight of a fellow Partick fan because when Neil contacted he got back straight away and has been extremely generous with his work. 
When we asked him if we could use this image for our Best of Art on a Postcard 2015 he had very definite ideas about how he wanted us to print, how much it should be and how many we should print. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with David and love the print. 

Self-branded as an outsider in the art world, Shrigley is known for making flat compositions that take on the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the disquieting elements of everyday life. Like the musings of a very wise child displaying the wit and humour of a seasoned observer of the adult world, his illustrations feature crossed-out words, scribbled, uneven lines, and darkly funny aphorisms about the world.

The print is available from Jealous Gallery

We've got 100 signed and numbered ‘Its OK’ limited editions as part of our ‘Best of 2015’ show at Jealous.