More about our plans for Moniker

We are very much looking forward to our first time at Moniker Art Fair.

We've had a great response back from the galleries who will be exhibiting at Moniker as well as from artist who will be taking part. 

Here are some more artists who have agreed to take part

Matt Small, Magnus GjeonCeal WarnantsId-iomMiriam Elia, RugmanAdam Koukoudakis  Simone Lia Lene bladbjergSarah ShawJon BurgermanZachary Walsh, Tom FrenchTeresa DuckEelus, JJ Lynch, Harry Adams, Kareem Rizk,  Frea BucklerNadine Talalla, PinkyChowwai CheungMenna Jenkins, Lidia de PedroPam Glew Mark PowellThe Conner Brothers, Magnus Gjeon  Snub23  Carrie Reichardt, Lily Mixe

And we are very grateful to Jakoe, David Shilinglaw and Benjamin Murphy who are doubling up and donating cards to our stand at Moniker and our secret auction in November.  And thanks to Benjamin for helping curate both shows. 

We've already been receiving cards for Moniker. The one below is from Tyler Spangler. Don't confuse this with our secret auction though. I'm not going to post those cards for a month or and when I do they will be anonymous until after the auction.  

Tyler Spangler

Tyler Spangler