We've Added Even More Names to our Secret Auction

We are delighted that Michael Craig-Martin has agreed to contribute. This years RA Summer exhibition has been a huge inspiration for us. It's been hailed as the best Summer Exhibition in years and we are lucky to have a lot of the same contributors.

Here are the latest artists to agree to take part in this years secret auction. 

Kate Sherman Mandy Payne, Catherine Weld, Nick Carrick, Pippa BlakeMichael John Ashcroft MAFA,  Alex Cree , Adam Newton, Patrick Wilkinson, Tristan Piggot, Mr BingoHello VonHelen Warren, Donna Mclean, Georgina Allen, Carol Hodder, Jo Oakley, Patrick Gildersleeves, Natso Seki, Sam Hacking, Midge Naylor RWA, Virginia Verran, Ruth PhiloNick Bridson Baker, Dion Salvador Lloyd

And back for another year Rowan Newton ,Jeremy DellerRobert James ClarkeDavid Bray Benjamin Murphy and Danny O'Conner 

Michael Craig Martin 

Michael Craig Martin