How to bid on Jake & Dinos Chapman's customised car bonnet....

Today we finally saw the car bonnet Jake & Dinos Chapman have customized for the charity auction at Art Car Boot Fair.  It has the same smiley face as the ones on the armbands of the Nazi overseers at their White Cube exhibition in 2011 and the face is painted onto letterbox red, giving it an iconic look.

To bid on a bonnet EITHER come along to Art Car Boot Fair and register at the desk next to the cabaret tent to get a number and auction paddle for the live auction OR contact Gemma Peppé if you can’t be there on the day. Commission bids* will be accepted up until 4pm if handed into the registration desk with full contact details and a verified credit card number

*A commission bid is a sealed bid that will be opened just prior to each lot. The auctioneer will bid on behalf of the highest commission bids against the room or each other. In the event of a commissioned bid being the highest bid you will need to be available by telephone before 6pm on Sunday 14th June.



Jake and Dinos bonnet copy.jpg