Muse dogs, dog skulls and eating dogs

We are busy preparing for our 1st year at Art Car Boot Fair (ACB). We've commissioned a series of dog inspired postcards for ACB in line with this year's canine theme. There will be 100 limited editions of each card signed and numbered by the artists. 

It's been very exciting getting all the images in

The contributing artists are 

Dougie Wallace
Margot Bowman
Ray Richardson
Benjamin Murphy
Natasha Mistry
Cosmo Sarson
Hayden Kays
Simon Stephenson

They cards couldn't be more different. All dog aspects are covered. Benjamin Murphy has chosen to concentrate on life after dog, Margot Bowman has gone for a dream dog scenario, Simon Stephenson has reproduced his trademark 'Barkin London' in miniature, Ray Richardson uses his own dog Brian as a muse and Hayden Kays wants to eat dogs.

We are very excited about this collection.  They will be available as limited edition prints individually and we are putting together 25 box sets that will include all cards

You can view all the postcards here