Yoav Friedlander for Photography on a Postcard

Jerusalem born photographer, Yoav Friedlander, says that 'between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, on a limestone hill at the edge of the Judean mountains my perception of the world got its shape.' Yoav's work is heavily influenced by his upbringings and surroundings which is evident in both the content and the aesthetic of his work. He joined mandatory army service for three years, and afterwards managed to accompany a photography degree and masters with a job as a security officer in New York, working for a while in JFK airport. His blend of clean-cut, harsh-edged aesthetic with experimental colours and forms reveals such an interesting juxtaposition of influences.


Yoav says that 'ever since I can remember it was photographs who introduced me to and informed me of my personal and collective past or present realities that are inaccessible or out of reach.' His photography is not only an exploration of his own influences but of his own inner creative processes, aware of his history and searching for his future. Often including military symbolism, such as in his photo postcard The Melted Soldier (below), his work is blended with rich exploratory concepts that reveal an eye for aesthetic as strong as his acute political awareness.

Interestingly Yoav writes that 'since the inception of photography, reality gradually became augmented by its own reflection. I am focusing my work at this point of friction'. Photography can reveal truths and insights about a certain setting or subject that, when not captured in a still frame, may not attain the same poignancy. It allows us to capture a moment of reality and to assess it in relation to our own feelings and thoughts, and in a way conceptualise reality. His pieces for our Photography on a Postcard exhibition are beautifully composed works that display all the symbolically rich craftsmanship that Yoav is known for. Both pieces are reflections on both his history and his present and more importantly explore where the two meet. 

The Melted Soldier  Yoav Friedlander

The Melted Soldier 

Yoav Friedlander

The Dead Sea Israel Yoav Friedlander

The Dead Sea Israel

Yoav Friedlander

Yoav has exhibited world wide since 2010 and now he comes to London this October for Photography on a Postcard. We feel very lucky to have such a remarkable artist on board. To apply to have your work exhibited next to Yoav Friedlander's at our upcoming exhibition go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.


About the writer

Rosa Torr has a BA in Politics and Philosophy from University College Dublin, though she herself is from London. Her place of interest is political theory and in particular Gender Studies. Rosa has written for numerous online publications and the University Observer. She is also a theatre maker and is currently co-artistic director of BUMP&GRIND Theatre Company. The show she co-wrote BUMP will be on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. 

Karen Knorr for Photography on a Postcard

Karen Knorr was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 1960s. She finished her education in Paris and London. Karen has taught, exhibited and lectured internationally, including at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The University of Westminster, Goldsmiths, Harvard and The Art Institute of Chicago. She studied at the University of Westminster in the mid-1970s, exhibiting photography that addressed debates in cultural studies and film theory concerning the ‘politics of representation’ practices which emerged during the late 1970s and early 1980s. She is currently Professor of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey.

Karen Knorr produced Belgravia (1979-1981) a series of black and white photographs with ironic and humorous texts that highlighted aspirations, lifestyle and the British class system under the neo liberalist Thatcher era in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Her most well known work called Gentlemen (1981-1983) was photographed in Saint James’s clubs in London and investigated the patriarchal conservative values of Britain during the Falklands war. Karen ’s work developed a critical and playful dialogue with documentary photography using different visual and textual strategies to explore her chosen subject matter that ranges from the family and lifestyle to the animal and its representation in the museum context

Since her life changing journey to Rajasthan, India in 2008, Karen Knorr’s work continues to explore Rajput and Mughal cultural heritage and its relationship to questions of feminine subjectivity and animality. India Song, a series of carefully crafted photographs explores the past and its relation to India’s contemporary heritage sites across Rajasthan. 

We see this particular exploration in her beautiful Photo Postcards wherein beautiful animals known for their femininity, passion and grace become the focal point of decorative settings fit for queens. They are absolutely stunning and show some of the best of Karen's work, her artistry and her ability to create wonderful narratives that contain undercurrents of politics. Take a look. 

Flight to Freedom, Juna Mahal,Dungarpur Karen Knorr  

Flight to Freedom, Juna Mahal,Dungarpur

Karen Knorr

Durga's Mount, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur Karen Knorr  

Durga's Mount, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur

Karen Knorr

Masters of Seduction, Amer palace, Amer Karen Knorr  

Masters of Seduction, Amer palace, Amer

Karen Knorr

  The Opium Smoker, Chitrasala, Bundi Karen Knorr


The Opium Smoker, Chitrasala, Bundi

Karen Knorr

Aren't they beautiful? To have your work exhibited next to Karen Knorr's at our upcoming exhibition go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.

Nina Berman for Photography on a Postcard

Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, author and educator, whose photographs and videos have been exhibited at more than 100 international venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Portland Art Museum, and Dublin Contemporary. She is the author of two monographs 'Purple Hearts - Back from Iraq', portraits and interviews with wounded American veterans, and 'Homeland', which explores the militarisation of American life post September 11. 

Nina's photography is political and intentionally provocative. With many works centred around the current Trump administration in America, Berman's work places itself within contemporary political discussion, making statements and being a continuous presence in mainstream media outlets such as The New Yorker. Berman gets closer than we might ever feel photographers can, documenting intimate and important moments that we would find hard to put into words, but that her photography captures. Nina has said that 'news organisations owe the public more vigorous reporting on policing issues.' showing that as an artist she feels the importance of truthful representation and social justice. 

We are extremely excited to be exhibiting Nina's work that lies on the intersection between politics and art, where neither takes precedence but both are deeply felt. 

She’s received awards from the  World Press Photo Foundation, Pictures of the Year International,  the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Open Society Foundation.  She is the 2016 Aftermath Project grant winner and the 2017 Susan Tifft fellow at the Center for Documentary studies at Duke University. She is a member of NOOR images and an associate professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she directs the photography program.  She lives in her hometown of New York City.

Nina Berman Stealth

Nina Berman


To have your work exhibited next to Nina Berman's at our upcoming exhibition go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.

Catherine Cameron for Photography on a Postcard

Born in Oslo in 1962, Catherine Cameron is a visual artist whose use of analogue photography has seen her work exhibited in museums and galleries on an international scale. Based in Glasgow, Cameron has travelled consistently with her art over the past 40 years, showing in some of Europe's most prized exhibitions. This included work from her Glasgow School of Art Degree show being shortlisted and selected for the Saatchi New Sensations exhibition in London during the Frieze Art Fair in 2013. 

Cameron's work explores mainly psychological matters that 'form and shape us as human beings'. Looking at her work through an autobiographical lense, Cameron seeks to understand and portray the nature of repeating actions, thoughts and behaviors within human relationships, regardless of the perceived or hoped for outcomes. Her work questions the role of hope, from its ability to either benefit or cause detriment to situations and people.

Visually, Catherine uses analogue photography to stage and create images; deconstructing and reconstructing photographs to reflect the cyclical nature of such behavioral patterns. The appearance of her work mirrors the message she is conveying.

Catherine notes the playwright Henrik Ibsen as expressing this notion cleverly through the term 'Life-lie'. She writes; 'the Life-Lie is a state of denial, the life-lie becomes a detrimental zone of comfort, a space inhabited by emotions like longing, melancholia and loneliness.'

Below are Catherine's beautiful photo postcard pieces which we will be exhibiting in October. 

Work on Paper V11 Catherine Cameron

Work on Paper V11

Catherine Cameron

I don't feel a thing Catherine Cameron

I don't feel a thing

Catherine Cameron

A Private Room Catherine Cameron

A Private Room

Catherine Cameron

Work on Paper V Catherine Cameron

Work on Paper V

Catherine Cameron

To have your work exhibited next to Catherine Cameron's at our upcoming exhibition go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.




About the writer

Claudia has written for various publications including GQ and LOVE magazine. She graduated from the University of Leeds in 2014 with a 2:1 Geography and has since gone on to pursue a career in fashion, and is a full time model with Storm London. A keen writer and fashion enthusiast; her secret project 'ClaudRobe' will be launching later this Summer.

Gaetano Mansi for Photography on a Postcard

Gaetano Mansi is a dynamic fashion and advertising photographer based in Italy. Stepping into fashion after his architectural and still life reputation was established, he has quickly developed his credentials as a fashion photographer. Leading advertising agencies seek out Gaetano for creative concepts for fashion catalogues and advertising campaigns. 
Many of his clients trust him to produce their entire corporate image. With his network of the best fashion stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists, he is an active personal collaborator with the world's top modelling agencies.

Gaetano Mansi describes himself as a nomad, and his photographic style reflects a nomad's yearning for large open spaces, natural light, and exotic atmospheres. His photographic images are joyous and incisive, with great attention given to light; energy and vitality are reflected in his subjects. His great passion for travel has matured into a process to organise photographic shoots "on location" in Italy and throughout the world.

Gaetano's two photo postcard pieces reflect all the drama and beauty of his most famous pieces. Blending genres by using techniques used in fashion photography, street photography and landscape photography, Mansi arguably creates a unique genre and visual language of his own.  His photography captures the poise and beauty of his model subjects and forms dramatic worlds within frames to draw us in and captivate our senses. 

Gaetano Mansi

Gaetano Mansi

Gaetano Mansi

Gaetano Mansi

For the chance to exhibit next to Gaetano Mansi, as well as Martin Parr, Liz Collins, Dougie Wallace and many more, go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.