Mother Doesn't Like You

Gouache and watercolour on tea stained page of old book

To The Brown Confessional

Tea stain, ink and gouache on watercolour paper

I Must Not Speak To

 Ink and gouache on watercolour paper

Alice Leach

Alice Leach received a First Class degree from City & Guilds of London Art School in 1993, but only found the confidence to be a full-time painter in her late twenties. However, it wasn’t until she was forced to face the inherent conflict of being an artist and a single mother a few years ago, that she found her niche. Combining drawing, painting and the spoken word, she started a visual diary to which she has since added individual works of art depicting her most intimate, private and uncensored thoughts and feelings on an almost daily basis.

Her life-long fascination with the basic, raw and immediate approach of Dubuffet, Cy Twombly and Canadian Inuit artists becomes evident in this tremendous and ever-growing body of work, which exposes the fragility of the everyday and inspires/suggests a different, more vicarious view of life.